So what the big deal over the PRISM??? - is this anyone thinking?? still thinking..???

I will tell you now how horrible deal it is!
But at first You need to know what is PRISM .
PRISM is a clandestine national security electronic surveillance program operated by the United States National Security Agency (NSA) since 2007.PRISM is a government codename for a data collection effort known officially as US-984XN.
Documents leaked by Edward Snowden in June 2013 describe the PRISM program as enabling in-depth surveillance on live communications and stored information. It provides for the targeting of any customers of participating corporations who live outside the United States, or American citizens whose communications include web content of people outside the United States. Data which the NSA is able to obtain with the PRISM program includes email, video and voice chat, videos, photos, voice over IP conversations, file transfers, login notifications and social networking details. PRISM was first publicly revealed on June 6, 2013, after classified documents about the program were leaked to The Washington Post and The Guardian by American Edward Snowden. The leaked documents included 41 PowerPoint slides, four of which were published in news articles. The documents identified several technology companies as participants in the PRISM program, including (date of joining PRISM in parentheses) Microsoft (2007), Yahoo! (2008), Google (2009), Facebook (2009), Paltalk (2009), YouTube (2010), AOL (2011), Skype (2011), and Apple (2012).[21] The speaker's notes in the briefing document reviewed by The Washington Post indicated that "98 percent of PRISM production is based on Yahoo, Google and Microsoft.

Now to know its working method, consider a situation for a normal person in effect of PRISM.
Think a girl has taken a hot, sexy photo of herself to send it to her sister to tell her how hot she is looking. So she e-mailed it to her sister using Gmail/YahooMail with the mail containing some message - "See.. I'm looking like a hot bomb to explode..! Ha Ha Ha . Muuaaaahhh. <3 "

Now we 1st need know how a system like PRISM can work (the algorithm). PRISM is a monitoring system to find keywords those are associated with terrorist activity or criminal activity. So the 'System' just scan all the contents thoroughly to find 'Words' and 'Phrases'  those match the list of Words and Phrases of 'PRISM reference keyword database'. The Database is full of keywords those are related to Words and Phrases like those. Some of the examples are:
overthrow, oppressive regime , true believers, marathon, Manhattan. ,the Financial District, fired ,only one who knew, blueprints , I need access to those blueprints to complete my job!, stick,, one true profit center., explode, ready to go on , strike at any second., radical , downfall , cause death to millions of Americans , flying around undetected, everywhere,  radicalized, Breaking , finished, ricin!, the bomb!, I don’t want to reveal the earth-shattering events to come., I’ve been planning, the most famous suspension bridges in the United StatesGolden Gate Bridge, The Brooklyn Bridge, Verrazano Narrows Bridge. go to bars, fake drivers license , blow up  , flight school. I missed the last class where we learn how to land ..etc. (like we seen in Operation Troll NSA) . These keywords can be in different languages too carrying the same meanings...!!
So when the mail of that girl will go through the net of the PRISM scanners , 'Explode' , 'Bomb' will be two words that will stuck into the suspicious results of NSA. Then the officials of NSA will manually look into the mail to see what is actually in the mail to find any clue of 'next terrorist attack'. Here the dignity and privacy went compromised for this PRISM thing. Ofcourse the officials of NSA got a nice view in this regard.... ;) :P . Anyone still don't care..??? It can also happen to you or may be happened to you already . Trying to remember whether you have done something similar or not..?? This is just single example. There could me many more possibilities with many such kind of situations. So if you ever thought that a secret that you are sending to some one via text msg/messengers/through email will remain secret just between you and the receiver and the god then think again. There is NSA also looking at those. !!! In this same way your documents and photos can face the same luck if you upload or send them with services like - Dropbox, hotmail, AOL, Skype, Facebook, Orkut, etc or even by MMS/SMS or mobile phone networks...!! Even some photo editing sites and other web applications too are such a threat to your data. So beware. But I'm not finished yet..!!

But I am going to reveal what could be the worst effect of PRISM that can put other countries into the door so security breach or privacy threat.
So till now we are clear about the process of identifying threat by the PRISM system. So it is just scan the data. Match the words and phrases ( those related to terror act) of the data with those in 'PRISM reference keyword database'. If matches get them for manual checking. 
So just modifying the system one can convert PRISM into a tool to get Private and Secret and Classified Data from others countries. The Data can be about secrets future weapon design or space research or about documents of inter-country relations...!!!!
Just change the Keywords and Phrases of 'PRISM reference keyword database' into Words and Phrases related to Weapon Technology and Space Research and Politics. Bingo..! It will be the best surveillance technology in Hand of USA to get all the info about what the remaining world is doing about their secret technologies and other things.!!!
keywords like : Plane, Fighter, Missile, 3D, 2D, Diagram, Blueprint, Drawing, Design, Model, CAD, CNC, machine. Gear, project, jet, rocket, Engine, etc are enough for PRISM to get all the internal info those are conveyed through Google, Gmail, youtube, yahoo. Dropbox, hotmail, AOL, Skype, etc.  Because we all know in some way many do send the project files through services mentioned above.  Even some keywords for Terror actions and some keywords between about military / weapon technology documents can match (common). So even when NSA is searching for terror plots in those data it is not impossible to find some secrets about weapon technology or secrets about any countries internal affairs.
Till now we only know they are catching terrorists but don't know if they are also stealing our valuable secret data too or not. It is so easy to make it possible that we can't cancel out this kind of possibilities....!! This kind of threat is not only upon India, also China, Japan, Russia, Korea, Brazil are some of many countries those are in the risk of Data theft by PRIZM.
So just beware and make the protest strong against the PRISM and what NSA is doing....!!!! The Political Leaders of Countries like India must UNDERSTAND the threat with PRIZM and should condemn this kind of act of USA. They should protest to bring the PRIZM down. Don't compromise with National security....!! 
Long live Freedom and Peace...!!  End war.. End conspiracy and Data stealing. ....!!!!

*** I am not sure about these things . These are just assumptions. But a very  smart assumption to be real. May be these are not happened yet but can happen in future.

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